Point of Sale Software for Jewelry Stores

The POS module has been designed  to be quick and easy to use.  It makes extensive use of  a barcode scanner for identifying customers, items to be sold, repairs to be picked up, layaway payments to be made etc. A POS key board and touch screen is available for POS. The mouse is completely optional in this area of operations

Names & Addresses

Customers can be found simply and quickly  by entering a couple characters of their last name and anything else you might know about them, first name, house number, area code, etc. The EDGE will use every element you provide to attempt to locate the customer. Generally however a last name and first initial will produce the customer or a very small list to choose from. Customers not found on the database can be easily added from this step. 

Sales Entry

Entering an item for sale is easy. As easy as scanning the barcode on the tag or keying in the stock number of the item. The item will appear on the screen with  a full description and an image of the item, when present, along with the selling price. The selling price can be changed when necessary four different ways (a percentage discount, a dollar discount, a revised selling price or a revised net price including tax).

The POS screen accommodates all store transactions from the same screen.

Tender Entry 

As many forms of tender as needed can be used should a split payment be required to pay for the sale. The EDGE will keep track of the amount that remains to be paid after each incremental payment is applied.

An associates id is required to complete the sales transaction. A sale may have up to four sales associates associated with it giving partial credit to all on a split commission sale.


Repairs are taken in as a POS function. Task tables are created for the types of repairs that are typically performed by your store. The take-in person will see a list of tasks from which the required service will be selected. The job will be automatically priced for the customer when the task is chosen from a table entry. Multiple tasks can be combined for one job. 

Repairs envelopes may be bar coded making tracking more convenient. Many envelope options are available in The EDGE software. One will be right for you!. 

Special Orders

The POS enables you to take a request for and track special ordered items. A well conceived process for ordering, receiving and delivering special ordered items insures the highest degree of control over this important process and guarantees customer satisfaction.

Layaway Payments

Layaways are created as a sales function. Payments are received against a layaway account simply, quickly and accurately while providing the customer with a running total of payments and current balance